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Oracle Area Revitalization Plan (OARP)

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Get Involved!

Why get involved?

The Oracle Area Revitalization Plan provides direction to policymakers for future development in the project area and its surrounding neighborhoods, so it will have a tremendous impact on the area’s current and future residents, businesses and visitors.

To develop a plan that will best represent the area, it will be critical to include the knowledge of the people who will be affected by it most – those who live and work and play in the area. A Public Involvement Plan has been created to ensure that the project area stakeholders have opportunities to learn about the project, provide valuable insights and information and participate in shaping a vision for the future of the area.

Comments received through meetings, in writing and electronically will be used to guide the direction of the overall project plan. A running catalogue of issues raised and comments will be made available online in the near future.

How do I get involved?

There are a number of ways to get informed about the project and to share your thoughts and ideas:

¨ Get on the notification list to be alerted of meetings and special announcements by contacting us.

¨ Attend meetings or special events to hear project information and to provide your feedback.

¨ Tell someone your ideas and thoughts!

o Your Citizens Steering Committee representative.

o Speak to theCitizens Steering Committee at a Call to the Audience at the next meeting.

o Through a comment card – hard copy or online.

¨ Request a presentation for your group or attend special meetings and events.

¨ Schedule displays or informational materials for an upcoming event.

¨ Share your memories and copies of photos of the project area over time.

If you have suggestions for ways we can involve people or get the word out about the project and its status, please let us know by calling (520) 791-4505 or emailing OARP@tucsonaz.gov.