Impact Fees

Between August 1, 2014 and December 23, 2014 no impact fees will be charged to building permits issued.

Grandfathering- No impact fees will be charged to building permits issued for 24 months from date of approval if:

Sustainable Code Project

The Sustainable Code Project is one of a series of projects commissioned by the City's Office of Conservation and Sustainable Development (OCSD) and financed by a Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant. The purpose of the project is to amend the City's Unified Development Code and its supporting documents to implement the City's sustainable goals and policies as identified in the diagnostic report. The proposals include proposed amendments related to urban agriculture, solar development standards, and other various sustainable standards.


Obtaining Certificates of Occupancy

On July 7, 2010, the Mayor and Council adopted Ordinance No. 10815 (updated with Ordinance 10835).  With certain exceptions, including new restaurants and new bars,  LUC review for parking and other development regulations is not required as long as the existing improvements and all parking is retained.

To qualify, the new use must:

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