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Mayor and Council Revise Gray Water Requirements

On July 9, 2013, the City of Tucson Mayor and Council approved a revision to gray water requirements in the International Residential Code (IRC). Ordinance #11089

Infill Incentive District - Proposed Amendments


Proposed Development Review Fees

- Summary of the Proposed Fees

- Notice of Intent to Impose or Increase Fees


Sustainable Code Integration Project


Corrections, Edits, and Clarifications to the Unified Development Code


Streetcar Land Use Plan


New! Submittal Requirements Effective 1/1/13


Main Gate District Review Committee Meeting

Main Gate Urban Overlay District

Main Gate District Discussion Area/Stakeholder Meetings

CDRC - What's New?

NOTICE - The valuation table has been updated

The data table used to calculate construction values and determine permit costs, has been updated to the most recent data supplied by the International Code Council.  This will result in an increase in value for most projects, and therefore permit fees, but is not equal across all types of construction.  The average increase for residential projects is about 2%.  The last time we updated this data was February of 2009.

NOTICE - Development Package Submittal process is changing effective April 1st, 2012

To save you time and money and improve customer service we are implementing a new procedure that eliminates all of those sets of folded plans except one. The new requirements will be:

  • 1 CD disk that includes ALL documents submitted in 200 DPI Tif or PDF in an un-alterable format (named)

  • 1 set of folded plans

  • 2 sets of rolled plans  

Self Certification of Signs

PDSD has adopted a new policy to streamline simple sign inspections. The policy is for non-illuminated signs that are not subject to special inspection and allows sign contractors to self-certify their installations.

Self Certification Sign Policy

Modern Streetcar Land Use and Development Implementation Plan for Tucson

Background documents

 NOTICE - APA Permit requests will be processed differently

NOTICE - Proposed Amendments to Article VIII Nonconforming Signs and Change of Use, Section 3-96 Regulating Nonconforming Signs

Citizen Sign Code Committee is considering amendments to the Tucson Sign Code regarding nonconforming signs. 


 As part of the ongoing improvement process established by the Planning and Development Services Department, Standards 2-02, 2-03 & 2-05 are being combined into 2-01 for use with the new DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE that was fully implemented on October 31, 2011. Standards 2-02, 2-03 & 2-05 will be phased out when Standard 2-01 is completed.

 New Policy