For a homeowner served by rural metro

How much would it cost to join the City of Tucson?


Current charges/costs that would be eliminated with annexation:

Rural/Metro Fire Company (annual subscription rate) per year*


Private Trash Pick-up per year


Total charges/costs eliminated


Additional charges/costs associated with becoming part of the City of Tucson:

City of Tucson Property Tax

$1.24 per $100 of Net Assessed Valuation


City environmental services fee per year

(for weekly curbside trash and recycling and semi-annual brush and bulky pick up)


Additional tax on natural gas and electric bills per year

$ 76.50

Additional tax on phone service per year

$ 47.10

Additional tax on cable TV service per year

$ 5.40

Total additional charges/costs with annexation


Net Savings/Costs with Annexation (per year):

Total charges/costs eliminated


Total additional charges/costs with annexation


Total Net Cost Per Year with Annexation

$ 19.60