Development Impact Fees

Impact fees are charged to new development as a means of paying for the facilities and infrastructure needed to serve that development. The City of Tucson currently assesses impact fees for water, roads, parks, police, fire, and public facilities. For information on water impact fees, please see Tucson Water's website under "Rates & Fees" at

Impact Fee Calculator

The Impact Fee calculator is a tool you can use to get an idea of the Impact Fees that will be assessed for different types of projects in different parts of town. This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the actual fees charged. The City does not guarantee the accuracy of fees determined by this online calculator since they are dependent on the accuracy of the information put into the calculator, the adopted fees in place at the time the calculator is used (which potentially could change prior to the time fees are actually assessed and paid), the accuracy of this calculator, and system problems associated with data transmission over the internet.
 Impact Fee Calculator

The actual fee charged can only be determined at the time payment is due.

Impact Fee Rates

The rates for all impact fees can be found by clicking the following link:

Impact Fee Rate Table

Impact Fee Deferral

On March 10, 2009, the Mayor and Council adopted a motion for the city to develop a process for the deferral of certain impact fees in exchange for a public benefit of a contribution to the City’s Housing Trust Fund. The motion restricted the deferral only to impact fees charged for roads, parks, and public facilities but not police and fire. The contribution amount would approximate an amount equal to half of the interest saved by not having to pay the impact fees at the time of building permit.

More details (pdf)

Sample Residential Agreement Form (pdf)

Contact Information

For general information regarding impact fees please contact Jim Vogelsberg PE at 520-837-4926

or email to

Other Impact Fee Info

Fee Studies

How Impact Fees are Being Used : Plan for Roads and Parks, and Quarterly Reports

Impact Fee Quarterly Report - under revision

Impact Fee Regulations – Adopted 8/6/07

Impact Fees will not be adjusted for 2010, Mayor & Council Memo

Impact Fee Projects Plan – Roads & Parks: FY2010-14

Roads and Parks Benefit District Map